edición madre arenabocetos madre arenaAbout two years ago I had the idea of illustrating a story with sand on paper . So I contacted for the literary part with my dear friend and writer Nidia Moros and she called another great writer: Maria Paz Ruiz Gil.
We started with brainstorming . From the beginning the project seemed very interesting and exciting.

We chose the theme, it was extremely easy, because all we had an important relationship with motherhood: Nidia Moros had just become a mother; Maria Paz has two children; for my part, I was several years very close to this issue professionally .
Nidia and Maria Paz began writing. I started drawing … and one day, our illustrated story on paper began to take motion and quickly realized it had become an audiovisual piece .

fotograma manos madre arena mother sand cortometraje 2This transformation complicated our initial project, but we were so hopeful and involved with this work, so we decided to go ahead and create the first short film made with the technique of Sand Art or Sand Animation.

It took two years of hard work. Screenplay, Art, filming, editing and production, sound… And finally, on August 6, 2014 at 22.30, Mother Sand was born, weighing approximately thirteen minutes.

Then the short film passed to Tania Galán and In & Out Distribution and in less than two months, to everyone’s surprise, Sand Mother is already selected in festivals in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Greece, Italy, Macedonia. ..

fotograma estrellas madre arena mother sand cortometrajeUsually artists never be one hundred percent compliant with our work. However, with Sand Mother I feel different. Maybe because I do not see it as a work of mine, but a living that required me to create and develop, but is now independent, with its own existence, its own meaning and its own goals.

I hope everyone can get something as nice as I got from Mother Sand.

Mother Arena, the first film with Sand art, has its own FACEBOOK SAND MOTHER

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