The magic of the Sand


Any event creates a perfect space and moment for conveying a message through the magic of the sand. Any event like parties, presentations, congresses, fairies, conferences, conventions, anniversaries, product presentations, trademark presentations or any other type of event.
Sand art performances are a powerful communication tool, able to bring out emotions, promote ownership and team spirit, and, at the same time, convey values, ideas and concepts in an elegant, efficient, clear and innovative way by means of a simple handful of sand. Conveying through sand means conveying from the deep and towards the deep of the heart. That is why sand performances get recorded in the memory of every spectator as an unforgettable experience. 
Didi Rodan offers live 100%-customized performances, so that each client might convey the message he or she wants. The offer also includes several performances designed by the artist herself. In other words, customers are offered a great variety of possibilities, which can be adapted to different needs, moments and events. Didi Rodan’s shows are full of creativity and originality, and are based on the transformation of sand into unbelievable drawings, which tell stories and make spectators live unique and unforgettable experiences.

— 100% Customized shows for events —

Performances are 100%-customized for companies, corporate events, theatres, circuses, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations, orchestras, music bands, bands and DJs, NGOs and institutions, main festivities or any other event. 
Performances are 100%-adapted to the needs of each client, who may choose the duration of the show; the inclusion of live music, dancing, live or recorded professional storytelling or specifically composed music; the use of coloured sand, ideal for customizing the corporate colour or endowing major expressiveness to the show.  
Live sand art is pure poetry and a powerful vehicle of communication, impact and emotion, independently of being performed for the world of business, television, theatre or any other event.  
This is what live Didi Rodan looks like. 

-Didi Rodan’s performances customized for your event-

Didi Rodan offers a catalogue of performances, which have been previously designed by the artist herself. These performances treat different topics and have different durations, what makes them perfect for being matched into your event. Remember that the last scene may be customized with your logotype and/or claim. Since these performances are already designed and there is no need for preparing a new creativity, their contracting reduces both the contracting deadline and costs.


DIDI RODAN, the best sand artist for events

After almost ten years of working for a full range of clients all over the World, Didi Rodan is a guarantee of quality, reliability and success. She is an engaged and hard-working artist who has performed more than 400 live shows, perfectly knows the medium and understands the needs of her clients. Didi Rodan participates in all kinds of event, on television, in the cinema, theatre and circus, preparing original and varied performances, which are adapted for each client, place and moment. 
If you are looking for a pure sand art performance or if you prefer a sand art performance with live music, dancers, actors or any other artistic element, Didi Rodan is your perfect choice. She is a multi-faceted sand artist for events, whose adaptability and creativity know no bounds. 

  • Noriaki Sato (Tokyo Theater Director)“Dear Didi Rodan, Thank you for a nice performance!. The Tokyo Show was a big success!. I appreciate to your professionalism!”
  • Noriaki Sato (Tokyo Theater Director)“Dear Didi Rodan, Thank you for a nice performance!. The Tokyo Show was a big success!. I appreciate to your professionalism!”