100% of customized poetry

 SAND VIDEO FOR THE INTERNATIONAL BAND ST. GERMAIN | Album: Real Blues | Theme: Sittin’ here

A sand video is a unique piece of art, which has a perfect capacity to impact, thrill, enliven, support and give greater value to communicating at any event: congresses, fairies, conferences, trademark presentations, anniversaries, concerts or any other occasion. A sand video is definitely appropriate for transmitting a story, values, ideas, concepts, objectives or any other desirable content, as it soon gets virality on the web, in social networks, on television or through any other video channel. 
Sand videos take part in the universe of cinema and television, since they give rise to unbelievable animations through adapting to whatever the content is. And if you love music, a sand video clip is a perfect supplement for a singer, an orchestra or a band of any style, to which they add originality, art and emotion. 

——— 100% Customized Sand videos ———

Sand videos are easy to be projected at any event and at any space. They offer a great opportunity to project the piece time after time and to spread it in the web, television and social networks. 
A sand video is a 100%-customized piece of video of any duration, which may be accompanied by adapted or even custom-created music, professional storytelling (voice-over), coloured sand or real objects. 
Sand videos get where your imagination gets.