Elegance and pure emotion


A wedding is a perfect moment for amazement and emotions, for getting to the depth of the heart and creating an unforgettable souvenir. At this moment, we wish the magic involved it all, the time stopped and all of us shared love. This is exactly what the magic of the sand art manages. 
Can you imagine the history of the couple to be told by using sand? Can you imagine one of the sweethearts to swear undying love while their love story is being told on the screen by means of sand?
Didi Rodan, one of the benchmarks of national and international Sand Art, gives live performances and creates 100%-customized sand videos for weddings. Unique thrilling stories full of magic, which are created on the basis of all data the couple, their family or friends provide the artist with. These stories tell about their past, their present, their dreams and illusions, their love and compromise. Can you imagine a better gift for the just-married?

— Live shows for  weddings  —

A live show for a wedding is a performance, which tells the story specifically designed for the couple, while the artist works for thrilling and moving the guests on stage. During these performances, the artist’s energy merges with the space and creates a magical, elegant, beautiful and unforgettable experience. 
All performances are produced with customized music, which is adapted to the musical taste of the couple through including their favourite songs and songs related to their history.
Sand art for a wedding is pure poetry.  

— Sand videos for the marriage —

The history of the marriage may also be told through a video. Such video would be 100%-customized with details from their history, their favourite songs and even dates and places of importance for them. This would undoubtedly be a lifelong memory. 
These videos may include voice-over performed by a professional storyteller, or even by the couple themselves or by an important person for them. This would undoubtedly add more emotiveness to the history.
Once the sand video has been projected at a time chosen, it may also become a wonderful gift for the guests, recorded on a DVD with a customized cover sheet, which would include the couple’s portrait or any other picture.   

SAND CEREMONIES: the symbol of the union

Both the bride and the groom approach the altar carrying a small box with sand in the hands. The box with sand represents their place of origin, their lives and their time lived. 
When they arrive to the place, they will find a bigger box, where they will melt their sands little by little. Meanwhile, if they so desire, the bride and the groom recite their votes or promises to each other. Once this ceremony has come to its end, the sand artist takes the big box and, where the presentation is previewed, carries out her live performance using the sand from both the bride and the groom. These ceremonies are extremely symbolic acts, which add even more value and emotion to the sand story. 

Sand ceremonies may also involve the guests, each of whom may bear a small sachet of sand to be added into the box. This is a perfect way for the family and friends to show their support and respect to the marriage. 
These sachets may be either sent with the invitations to the wedding or handed in during the ceremony or the banquet. 
Sand ceremonies are poetic acts, which give rise to complicity and unforgettable memories because of their symbolic power. 


  • Stella & Viktor (Germany)
    Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! Not only for having put all your love in the most wonderful show that the world has seen, and also for having supported us at all times in our wedding and preparations, so that day comes out as we have imagined. It has been the highlight of our wedding and everyone has been impressed. I will never forget that moment telling our love story with sand art. And I'll never forget you!